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Take a look at our 'WhizzAuthor - Understanding the Basics' tutorial. It will take about 3-5 minutes.


Or, enrol on the 'WhizzAuthor for Professional Trainers' SkillBuilder programme. We built it using the WhizzAuthor software so you will get to see first hand many of the features available to you. (We would recommend that you set up a trial to get the most from this course.)


Or, sign on to the 'WhizzAuthor Skillbytes'. This will send you regular short skillbytes (linked to further study) by email. They are designed to improve your skills and understanding of the WhizzAuthor environment.

WhizzAuthor is part of the SkillGate Enterprise Learning System (ELS).

Creating great content is not all you need to create a first class learning organisation. SkillGate's range of LMS 'add ons' ensure your LMS has the depth and flexibility to deliver world class organisational learning solutions.
Here are some of the main options from the SkillGate ELS:

For more about SkillGate go to: